Keynote Speaker – Lionel Suchet


Lionel Suchet
Deputy Director Toulose Center of the French Space Agency (CNES)
General of French Armament Corps


Lionel Suchet was deeply involved in Manned Space Flight from the very beginning of his career at CNES and for 15 years. From 1989 to 1992, he was responsible for Safety and Human Factors for the Antares mission (Michel Tognini onboard MIR in 1992). Then he was nominated Project Manager for the four following manned missions performed by CNES onboard MIR: Altaïr (J.P. Haigneré, 1993), Cassiopée (C. André-Deshays, 1996), Pégase (L. Eyharts, 1998) and the very long duration flight (J.P. Haigneré, 188 days in 1999). While preparing the CADMOS (nowadays French USOC) to be ready for ESA support, he managed the two last CNES organized manned missions onboard ISS: Andromède (C. Haigneré in 2001) and Shuttle STS 111 (Ph. Perrin in 2002). In 2004 he became responsible for all CNES scientific missions and then, in 2008, Assistant Director in charge of all CNES space projects (except launchers). In 2011, he was appointed Deputy Director of CNES Toulouse Space Centre. Lionel Suchet graduated from “Ecole Polytechnique” Paris and “Sup’Aero” Toulouse.