Keynote Speaker – Michael Kezirian


Associate Technical Fellow with the Boeing Company
Journal of Space Safety Engineering Editor-in-Chief


Michael Kezirian has brought ex­tensive experience in composite mate­rials, propulsion systems and system safety to address safety concerns for the Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs. Currently, he is currently supporting the Boeing Commercial Crew Develop­ment (CCDEV) Program on the design of the CST-100. As an Adjunct Asso­ciate Professor of Astronautical Engi­neering at the University of Southern California, he teaches a graduate elective course on Safety of Space Sys­tems and Space Missions. Previously, he taught undergraduate and graduate classes in Polymer Science and Spacecraft Dynamics. Dr. Kezirian is Associate Fellow of the AIAA and Fellow Member of the IAASS. In 2009 he was awarded the NASA Astronaut Personal Achievement Award (Silver Snoopy). Dr. Kezirian is the editor-in-chief of the newly introduced, Journal of Space Safety Engineering, published by the IAASS.