Keynote Speaker – Michael P. Fodroci


Michael P. Fodroci
Chief International Space Station Safety & Mission Assurance Div.
NASA – Johnson Space Center


Michael Fodroci started to work at the NASA Johnson Space Center as a payload safety engineer for the Boeing Company in August of 1979. He worked as NASA contractors for the next 15 years, and joined NASA in February 1995 as Payload Safety Lead.  Mike pioneered the development of the first paperless payload safety data management system, and also helped to create the requirements used to assure the safety of all US experiments on the Russian Mir space station.  He transferred to the ISS Safety and Mission Assurance Division in 1998, and has been Chief of that Division since April of 2005.  Michael Fodroci was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, USA.  He attended Purdue University, where he was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics in May of 1978. He is married, with two sons, and he currently resides in Houston, Texas.