Keynote Speaker – Paul S. Dempsey


McGill University
Director of Institute of Air & Space Law

 Paul Stephen Dempsey is Tomlinson Professor of Global Governance in Air & Space Law and Director of the Institute of Air & Space Law at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada.  For more than two decades, he held the chair as Professor of Transportation Law, and was Director of the Transportation Law Program at the University of Denver.  He was also Director of the National Center for Intermodal Transportation, a consortium of the University of Denver and Mississippi State University).  Earlier, he served as an attorney with the Civil Aeronautics Board and the Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington, D.C., and was Legal Advisor to the Chairman of the I.C.C.

From 1994-2009, Paul Dempsey was Vice Chairman & Director of Frontier Airlines Holdings, Inc., and Chairman of Lynx Aviation, Inc..  He was a founder and first Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council, Inc., and President and Director of the Genesee Foundation, Inc.  He has also served as a consultant to U.S. and foreign airlines, railroads, motor carriers, bus companies, transportation labor organizations, industry associations, government agencies, and telecommunications companies.

Dr. Dempsey holds the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Juris Doctor, University of Georgia; Master of Laws, George Washington University; Doctor of Civil Laws, McGill University.  He is admitted to practice law in Colorado, Georgia and the District of Columbia.

Professor Dempsey was a Fulbright Scholar, was awarded the Transportation Lawyers Association Distinguished Service Award, and was designated the University of Denver's Outstanding Scholar.  He was the first individual designated the University of Denver's Hughes Research Professor, and DePaul University's Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law.  The Colorado transportation community named him “Educator of the Year”, and inducted him into the Colorado Aerospace Hall of Fame.  For 23 years, he was faculty editor of the Transportation Law Journal.  He also served on the Editorial Boards of the Denver Business Journal, and The Aviation Quarterly (Lloyds, London), and currently serves on the Editorial Board of the German Journal of Air & Space Law, and is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Air & Space Law.  He is President of the International Air & Space Law Academy, and co-Chair of the Aviation Section of the Transportation Lawyers Association.  Professor Dempsey has published more than 20 books and ninety law review and academic journal articles, and scores of newspaper and news magazine editorials.